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>> P A N O R A M A (2013)


Velojet is a band who let their passion for music run wild on stage – and usually rock their audience.
Radio FM4

…sounds like a psychedelic dream with a wide range of sounds and a lot of reverb.

…Velojet´s Sgt.Pepper´s album. Psychedelic, spherical layers of sound and fragile vocals unheard so far in Austria, apart from Oliver Welter of Naked Lunch.[…] A masterpiece.

…a record too good to lend it out to a friend.

…delicately surreal lyrics that give an account of ambivalent states of the soul

They don’t quite fit into any particular musical grouping, but their sound is expansive, revolving around dynamic synth sounds. Synthesizers are wailing like guitars throughout, taking the solos, while the Telecaster / Hofner-style Bass / Drums combo give the songs a bouncy danceability with added flourishes of guitar fuzz on tracks such as latest single Cold Hands. At times they could be compared to Of Montreal or perhaps even Yan Tiersen.

For the past ten years, the quartet has been oscillating between euphoria and melancholia, melodiousness and sullenness. With his new songs, René Mühlberger has become even more melancholic and probably gained emotional depth.
Der Standard

What’s really great about this band: You can literally watch them improve persistently, becoming more and more interesting.

“We were so far away, but never closer to ourselves‘, René Mühlberger, singer, guitarist, and frontman sings in ‚The Sea is the Ocean is the Sea‘. If this is the new face of Velojet, it is an interesting one.”

Panorama is tapping the foot, wiggling the head, tickling the whole body. [...] Awesome!
Neue Szene Augsburg

Austria’s Velojet (…) performed a stunning set to the busy bar, with some wonderful vocals and great use of keys, all driven along by some brilliant bass playing. about Glimps

The result is an exuberant, sparkling, fresh, and hymnic album capable of triggering neuronal fireworks of happiness. [...] Velojet is a band who let their passion for music run wild on the stage – and usually rock their audience.


MICA Interview
KURIER Kolumne

FM4 Überraschungskonzert 1
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FM4 Video Angeldust
FM4 Soundselection 29/ Cold Hands

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>> NOMINATED FOR AMADEUS AWARD 2014 / Best Album (FM4) & Best Video
FM4 Amadeus Award/ Best Album
Amadeus Award/ Best Video

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Musicazul Angeldust (espanol)
Musicazul Cold Hands (espanol)
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Robert Rotifer about Austrian Popmusic

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thegap/ Frequency Festival 2013 Waves Vienna
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Concert@Radiokulturhaus, OE1
Concert@Radiokulturhaus, FM4
Ahoi! Pop Linz (polish)

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>> Velojet (2005) / This Quiet Town (2007) / Heavy Gold (2010)


„Best band in Austria“

Ronnie Vanucci/ The Killers

Located somewhere between Californian beach vibes, the docks of Liverpool and a rehearsal space in Vienna, this is airy, melodic and effortless guitar pop with attention to detail., aus “Best of 2005 von Christian Schachinger”

Everything good pop music is made of, you’ll find here: Lush choruses, deep sorrow, desire, rich harmonies, rough beats, and pumping, discofriendly basslines – the sound is flawless, as is the performance.


There are not many indiepop bands from Austria who have managed to make a name for themselves across their country’s borders. With occasionally playful guitars, driving bass and drums, a violin, a trumpet and melodious keyboard lines, Velojet create their own catchy, coherent indie pop sound.

“The band, fronted by Rene Mühlberger have an instinct for great Pop hits. Watch this space!”

Their belief in the perfect popsong is unclouded, their Britpop-inspired guitar sound is timeless, well crafted and more compelling than ever.

Die Presse

With their third album, Velojet has grown up, they are darker, and better. Pop at its best!

SLAM, 9 von 10 Punkten, D

Indierock, straight but luscious, exuberant but crystal clear. If Velojet were a British band, they’d have been hyped to death as the “next big thing” by now.

Melodie & Rhythmus, D

With their third studio album, the quartet from Steyr has created a highly melodious and melancholic piece of indie pop, which should make them known also beyond Austria’s borders., D

Sunny samba major sevenths, harmonies as clear as a bell, all combined with the punch of a rock band with a healthy dose of sophisticated retro rock: everything for the sake of the song, all of which are a pure joy.Profil

Velojet, on the other hand, deliver lyrics with just the right amount of optimism to make these sunny pop melodies truly shine.Now!

In Velojet we finally have another Austrian band that has what it takes to break through to an international audience.the gap

And – we have to say – Marlene Lacherstorfer is one of the coolest bassists we’ve seen since Kim 2007

Wonderful guitar music with ear-catching bass lines and mixed male/female vocals. Melodic power pop with catchy choruses and lyrics in English. A really incredible Album!Westzeit, D

“Dance the last dance/Let’s give up the defence” – which is exactly what you should do as soon as you hear Velojet. Even if you don’t let down your guard, they’ll catch you sooner or later

We cannot recommend this record of euphoric power pop highly enough. “This Quiet Town,” Velojet’s second album consists of twelve songs of pure pop

There has been a recent wave of interesting new acts out of Austria and Velojet are one of the

Velojet deliver their music with a confident nonchalance that we’ve previously only heard in the world of Austrian pop from the highly-praised Naked Lunch. Velojet are clearly their peers. Rating:

For those that appreciate the craft of songwriting, “Heavy Gold” has a timeless quality.Der Standard

The songs are of high quality, as we have come to expect from this quartet, though this time with a twist of melancholy…Here they’ve mastered new territories without losing any of their strengths: great record.Now

Arranged, performed and produced with great diversity, deftly navigating genres like new wave, Americana and soft rock without deteriorating into noise. “A Hole Under Your Feet” could pass for an Oasis number…Cool!Westzeit, Germany

“Heavy Gold & the Great Return of the Stereo Chorus” is entertainment at its best and has the potential to become a huge hit in the indie world.Legacy Magazine, 12/15 rating, Germany

In their more experimental moments, with songs like “Don’t Lose Your Head,” and with the album intro, Velojet are reminiscent of that pop wunderkind from Mannheim Konstantin Gropper AKA Get Well, Germany

This Vienna-based quartet, originally from Steyr, Austria, charms us with this melodic yet melancholic indie-pop album that will undoubtedly lead them to success far beyond the borders of, Germany

Indie pop to warm your heart. Just listen, enjoy and be taken away!, Germany

At its most dramatic, this album rivals the intensity of Arcade Fire. The rest is solid indie rock with powerful harmonies in the choruses.Rockstar Magazin 001, Switzerland

Intense pop rock from Austria. Well produced and in

We definitely recommend this album, which we expect will lead the band to well-deserved success in our climes as, Switzerland